Saturday, 25 April 2015


Product profile

ARISTOCOAT 018 is solvent based product, made out of carefully selected additives, which offers cold rolled (galvanized) steel, tubes & pipes excellent corrosion protecting in condensation & open shed conditions. It can be used for finished products like roofing's, seem-less tubes, conveyors & auto components, where long term rust protection is required in idlie conditions.


  • ARISTOCOAT 018 is suitable all types of cold rolled steels,Condensers,Evaporators, roofing's & auto components, Panels, structures & more. Itcan be applied where long term rust protection is requried in idle coditions where coating need not be removed.
  • It is suitable for all type ferrous materials.
  • It is suitable for, conveyors where cleaning of product is not required.
  • Can be appliedby brush, spraying & dipping.
  • On the dried layer of ARISTOCOAT 018, painting can be done.


  • Presence of high performance additives ensures you better corrosion protection.
  • It forms a thin solid layer on the surface of component after 8 hours of application, touch dry 15 minutes.
  • It gives upto 18 months protections in packed indoor condition & 12 months in outdoor packed conditions.

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