Saturday, 25 April 2015

Water Tower Treatment

BWA's TowerPro® products represent a flexible, multifunctional water treatment program in easy to use tablets. Towerpro products are developed for the small systems where good service and pumping equipment can not be justified. Towerpro is formulated with the best in class chemistries to deliver excellent performance for scale, corrosion, slime, and algae control. It also reduces water blowdown to achieve higher water concentration cycles. Towerpro has an extended shelf life.
Product nameDescription
Towerpro 7014
Broad spectrum biocidal control for air conditioning and refridgerations drain pan maintenance.
Towerpro 8031
All in one treatment for small cooling water systems.
Towerpro 8039
Scale and yellow metal corrosion control for small cooling water systems.
Towerpro 8040
Algae and biofilm control for small cooling water systems.
Disclaimer: Information is sourced from wateradditives website.

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